About me

Hello, and Welcome to my blog. I am Thrifty Phat and I am here to inspire you on how to be effortlessly stylish, chic and dress fashionably affordably at a reasonable budget, mostly from thrift markets and stores, and also to highlight my affordable finds as well as outfits that I find worth the splurge as well as those investments thrift pieces I will wear again and again.

My blog is also for the woman who looks to magazine and celebrities for inspirations but has a real life budget and more importantly, the desire to craft her individual sense of style. And because I’m naturally a thrifty person, I’d love to share my tips and tricks with women because I believe “your style should never be determined by the size of your wallet.”

I hope you join me in my thrift journey as you get inspired by different thrift style ideas, thrift tips and how to thrift!
Thank you and Welcome!

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