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  Hey fam, Assalam Aleikum. This is a new category I decided to add to the blog because of my religious background and to offer style inspirations to my fellow muslim women. Luckily it’s Ramdhan, its best to introduce it during this month. I know most of you never thought am a muslim but shock on you, I was born and raised! Being raised in a muslim family and coming from a town where majority are muslims, honestly I am not to be a staunch muslim. My parents are not… Read More


Hey Fam! I’m back from my forced break! The blog kept crushing and am happy that’s behind us now and I couldn’t be any much happier because am back with a new look (I hope you guys like it). So much good things in store, interesting styles and fashion and one of them is the current trend, the Embroidery. One of today’s hottest trends, both on the runway and on the streets, is the embroidery trend. Recently, this artful trend made a fierce comeback! This style has been making quite… Read More


Hello Fam! Apologies for being absent here last Monday. Like the routine, I always have new posts on Mondays but last Monday my website had crushed, actually it was down on Good Friday. I don’t know if it was going for the holiday too but alil heads up would have been nice, lol! Being April and schools are closed (though they are about to open), many people are having events like weddings, baby showers, birthdays among others, to attend during this season, and thanks to the weather, we will not… Read More


You know those early morning phone calls that ruin your entire day simply because they wake you up, especially on the weekend when you need to recover the week’s early morning sleep and you keep asking yourself, “why today why?”. I received a call weeks ago at 7am, answered it, battling sleep and tears. Little did I know, it was going to change my weekend literally! It was an impromptu weekend getaway, that I so much needed, as I had no weekend plans and to refresh my mind too. This… Read More


Hello Fam, am super excited about this post today as am serving all-things feminine! From the outfit, legs, looks, body, face..eeveryything! Mehn, it’s giving me life, don’t you just love it! Well, read through.. Looking professional in the office doesn’t mean you have to forego your personal style. Every workplace has its own dress code, but you can still express your personal style while working within those pre established fashion parameters. In creative offices, wearing prints and colors is usually not so bad, so think of decent prints you can… Read More