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Hey hey hey! I’m here after a short hiatus. The breaks have been too much no? I know!! I still don’t understand why I lack the will to write since the year started. Some days are good, like the creative juices just flow and I write a whole more but some days, I can’t even do a sentence! And that is where the hiatus comes from.
Anyhow, how are you coping up with this weather? Mombasa is raining heavily like every other place but thankfully it’s not as cold because some of us would be freezing and wearing 10 clothes a day! Another good thing about rain season in Mombasa is that it only pours in the morning and late in the night. During the day from noon, it is usually warm and you can go around with your errands and of course with an umbrella because again, you never know when it’ll start pouring again!

Recently I decided to rock this bodycon dress that I bought in Uganda last year. I have been dying to have one perfect bodycon dress and I was elated when I finally found this one! And it came in my favorite color, black! Every woman needs a bodycon dress for those days when you want to serve body and skin, Lol! It makes you feel some typa way, but I have to admit get it on the body is such a task especially those ones like this one which has no zipper. Frankly, pulling off such a wear can be tricky if you are conscious about your body. While this style can hug your beautiful curves, it can make you look trashy if not worn or styled well.

Some few tips when wearing this look are:
– Be on the Dark Side – If you are conscious about your shape, then make sure to choose bodycon clothes in darker colors. Not only are they traditional and sophisticated colors, they can make you look slimmer as well. It is well-known that black is a slimming color that will add a flattering outline to your knock-out ensemble. But remember, bodycon dresses in unique color tones are instantly more interesting. So if you’re confident enough for your shape to show off, look for color in light or pastel shades for a more feminine look and vivid shades for a bolder look.

  • Shapewear is your Savior – If you are on the plus size of the spectrum, you can still wear bodycon dresses. Avoid the unsightly bulges that can come with this contouring dress by wearing shapewear like Spanx. Another piece that can smooth out of your shape (and prevent panty peeks) is a high-waisted seamless pant, or a g-string.
  • Mind the Occasion – Bodycon pieces are so form-fitting that they might be deemed ‘inappropriate’ for some occasions. This will only be the case if you go bodycon all the way. You can still wear these items at work or at dressier occasions, as long as you balance the look with appropriate pieces. For example, if you plan on taking it to the office, wear it with a formal blazer and nude pumps.

Well, those are the few tips I have on this type of dress. I was rocking mine to a function that was not too formal so there was no need for a blazer, instead I had a trench coat just in case it got chilly. Until next post, xoxo! 

2 Responses
  • Jose
    May 15, 2018

    Bodied! I like that title. Your shape looks really good in this dress. And you kept it classy, not at all trashy! You look stylish and sexy. 😉 x x x

    • thriftyphat
      May 15, 2018

      Thank you dear!

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