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You know those early morning phone calls that ruin your entire day simply because they wake you up, especially on the weekend when you need to recover the week’s early morning sleep and you keep asking yourself, “why today why?”. I received a call weeks ago at 7am, answered it, battling sleep and tears. Little did I know, it was going to change my weekend literally! It was an impromptu weekend getaway, that I so much needed, as I had no weekend plans and to refresh my mind too. This outfit was birthed that moment as I totally had no idea what to wear and I had to be out in 30mins tops. It had to be casually chic and feminine, as I was going to hang out with other people too, later that day.

Skater skirts have now made it to the top of every woman’s favorite skirts and it’s not that hard to see why. If you’re looking for a skirt that’s worth investing in, a good skater skirt is your best bet. This skirt is so versatile you can create more than a thousand looks with it just by changing the things you wear it with. From street style to casual to even office outfits, you’re sure that there’s a look you can create using a skater skirt. You can wear it, too, no matter what your fashion style is – be it girly, hipster, sleek, posh, basically anything!

Also known as a circle skirt, the skater skirt has a waistband that sits at one’s true waist and is flared so that it forms a circle when laid flat. One rule to obey when styling this skirt is, contrast the flared shape of your skirt by teaming it with a fitted top. This skirt is extremely versatile and can be paired with fitted tops, as well as looser ones tucked into the waistband like how I did on this look.

Reasons why I love thrift is because you can get very good quality and design of clothes that will serve even your grandchildren! Like this skirt, it’s very new, quality long-lasting fabric and a two-in-one skirt, meaning, I can wear it inside out, and style it as a totally different outfit as the inside color is a plain shade of navy blue (check the hemline), cute right? I knoow..(that’s a post for another day). Most people actually thought I bought this in a boutique. Again, my one of my favorite skirt, comes in my favorite color, blue, coincidentally!

Wearing printed skirts is a stylish way of showing off your feminine vibe with personality. If you want to soften your outfit and express your feminine side, then opt for floral skirts in feminine shades that look fabulous for pairing with feminine tops, creating a unique and stylish look.

How do you style your skater? XoXo. ♥

Outfit and Purse: Thrifted     Shoes: Store bought

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