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If I had to pick a trend for 2017, taking inspiration from the seventies, it’s one item that I have been seeing creeping in lately, the A-line button-front, and as a skirt, it’s hard to beat for practicality and versatility. A high waist, button-front ‘70s spin that’s making this century version so much cooler.


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As women, there’s no getting around the fact that towering high heels make us feel confident and powerful, but there’s one little problem, they can be painful with a capital P! Luckily, sneakers have been trending hard right now. Sometimes you just want to dress up without wearing heels and keep things simple. There’s one trend I’ve been obsessing in,


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Women are known for taking ages when getting ready and dressing up to go somewhere and while there’s nothing like knowing that you have the perfect outfit on, there will always be those days when you just won’t feel like getting up and mixing and matching pieces together to come up with a cute look.


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The weather in Mombasa can be unpredictable sometimes especially during rainy season that is between March to around mid-May because it usually is rainy season during that time but some days it just won’t pour. You leave the house heavily dressed for the weather, the clouds telling you it’ll pour, only for it to change it’s mind and send the sun!