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Recently, an old friend of mine was in town and asked if we could meet and play catch up since it’s been a minute! Of course I said yes because I knew that was a way of breaking the monotony of home-job-home routine I had had going on for few weeks now. Most times I just enjoy the comfort, tranquility and peace that my house offers, my small haven, though sometimes I wanna get out, hang out in some other places at-least to change environment and this meet up came… Read More


I was doing some retail therapy in a mall last year, Lord! Am a huge fan!! and I do it oftenly because therapy is good esp retail if you are an impulse buyer like me, and you love clothes! Retail therapy does really help me in spotting few things I may need to buy in future or even then. Well, during the rounds, I spotted this piece and immediately went for it! I tried it on and it fitted perfectly! (was worried of the length because am a bit short)… Read More


Monday mornings *sigh*… There are two things about it that can make starting off the work week challenging. The first would be making sure that you get up on time so that you can get to work…on time. The other is rummaging through your closet to see what you can put on, that is fashionable and comfortable too. Ideally, I find it time saving if you plan and select the outfit that you’ll wear the next day, tonight. That way it’ll be easier for you to dress up faster even… Read More


The weather in Mombasa can be unpredictable sometimes especially during rainy season that is between March to around mid-May because it usually is rainy season during that time but some days it just won’t pour. You leave the house heavily dressed for the weather, the clouds telling you it’ll pour, only for it to change it’s mind and send the sun! Lol. That’s when you pull this transitional look sense of style and rock your day because the weather has got nothing on you!! When it comes to dressing up,… Read More