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Ever walked in your closet, picked an outfit and boom! It automatically becomes an award winner ( lol, in your outfit world of course)! That’s what happened to this number.. Usually I have to try pairing different looks together and it costs me more than an hour plus a headache too because that’s when everything paired doesn’t work!! If am going out, I will have to pick an outfit in good time so as to avoid running fashionably late, lol. But thank God for Chambray shirt, it’s a life saver!  This one was no hustle..

The chambray shirt is a fashionable and versatile wardrobe staple every woman should have and because of it’s versatility, its great for creating plenty of different outfits that work for different occasions. Chambray shirts can be used to dress up a casual pair of shorts or even a dress. They can also be used to dress down a really dressy trouser, dress or pair of tights. A trusty, versatile chambray shirt can be worn layered, solo, or even tied in a knot.

A chambray shirt is a great wear to anchor an outfit that features a lot of patterns, especially floral, stripes, abstract, and even geometric ones. I wore my chambray shirt with my favorite floral-print full skirt making the outfit feminine with a bit of laid vibe. I love how mesh this skirt is, perfect for flaunting some skin but with a touch of conservancy. You could easily wear this outfit for a casual walk in the town or to a brunch with friends. I styled the look by buttoning up the chambray and added a head wrap to add some glam to it. I found my favourite clutch perfect suit for this, to complete the chic look.

Denim may be the most effortless fabric you may go for, but chambray is more lightweight and breathable, perfect for the scorching heat. When it comes to these irresistibly chic options, having the blues is a good thing. If you want to soften your outfit and express your feminine side, then opt for floral skirts in feminine shades that look fabulous for pairing with feminine tops creating a unique and stylish look.

How did you style your chambray? Tag me. XoXo. ♥

Outfit: Store bought

Head wrap: Thrift

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