I was doing some retail therapy in a mall last year, Lord! Am a huge fan!! and I do it oftenly because therapy is good esp retail if you are an impulse buyer like me, and you love clothes! Retail therapy does really help me in spotting few things I may need to buy in future or even then. Well, during the rounds, I spotted this piece and immediately went for it! I tried it on and it fitted perfectly! (was worried of the length because am a bit short) but thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. This denim maxi shirt dress is currently my favorite in my closet.

Most of my outfits are thrifted, like majority, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have store bought clothes. Despite being a huge thrifter, I buy some pieces from the store because some are unique, and to me, uniqueness is key!

One thing I liked about this particular denim maxi shirt dress is the fact that it is light and button-down hence easy to style and play around with. Like you can leave last few buttons unbuttoned, creating a tease slit. I personally love denim because it is a timeless trend and a versatile piece. You can never go wrong with a denim.

If you could only spend money on just one denim dress, make it a denim shirt dress, whether long or short.. You can wear it on its own for a quick go-to outfit, you can dress it down with street style staples or you can also dress it up by adding something like a leather belt or maybe even something sparkly and shiny to it, like I did with the neck piece and silver heels.

Trust me, denim never disappoints and it never goes out of style. Try rocking it today! Xoxo.

PS: I ironed the dress for an hour or so, i gave up! Forgive my creased dress.

Denim Maxi: Store bought

Heels: Thrift