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HELLO 2018!

Happy new year Fam!

I know the year is already gone with two weeks already but I still gotta wish you guys a happy one since we haven’t virtually seen each other this new year. I hope the year is being good to you so far.

Well, my year started off well, though I have been feeling so lazy and I kept procrastinating about resuming here, sigh. Actually, this post was to be up last week but the gods of laziness couldn’t let me prosper…But here we are, and I’m excited to be back! I hope y’all are excited to be here with me as well.

First, I’m grateful that the good Lord enabled us to see this year. I hope it turns out to be your best, and I pray that He may guide us through it all to the end, grant us our heart desires, fulfill all that we ask of him and may he grant us good health. Amen!

Second, I know New Year comes with new resolutions but for me, I don’t write down my resolutions, never have. I set them in my head, plan and work on them, plus I don’t wait for the New Year to set them up. For me, each year I have something planned, usually planned the previous year. I have few for the blog though and I hope I will be able to achieve them and that you will like them. I want to share more, not just fashion and style but also other different content, but that’s later in the year, as I’m still working on the ideas and basically just weighing the idea, but I will keep you guys posted. With this year having so much to do and share, I can’t really promise that I will fulfill most of it because I have to balance between several worlds but I will try my best. With that being said, I hope you enjoy your new year and start working on your resolutions. It’s never too early.

Btw, I just realized now when writing this post that, I never wear this dress often but when I do, it’s usually during New Year celebrations. I still don’t understand how that happens, and it’s never planned! Last year was the third time it happened and now I will try to break from that. I’m not really a fan of midi dresses and I guess that’s why I don’t wear it often.

Have a lovely week ahead and see you next week. Xo.


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