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Hey fam, Assalam Aleikum.

This is a new category I decided to add to the blog because of my religious background and to offer style inspirations to my fellow muslim women. Luckily it’s Ramdhan, its best to introduce it during this month. I know most of you never thought am a muslim but shock on you, I was born and raised! Being raised in a muslim family and coming from a town where majority are muslims, honestly I am not to be a staunch muslim. My parents are not that strict on how we dress though we attended Madrasa (Islamic educational school, where you are taught everything about Islam) and went to the mosque to pray, which was a must.

It is Ramadan and muslims everywhere are fasting. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims believe it was during this month, that God revealed the first verses of the Quran to Mohammed S.A.W (the prophet). During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset. It is meant to be a time of spiritual discipline — of deep contemplation of one’s relationship with God, extra prayer, increased charity and generosity, and intense study of the Quran. Fasting isn’t hard at all, there’s just something really special about knowing that tens of millions of your fellow Muslims around the world are experiencing the same hunger pangs, dry mouth, and dizzy spells that you are, and that we’re all in it together though it’s not easy lol.

Enough of that, back to the outfit. This simple modest muslim style inspiration can be worn to the office or casually on streets. It’s light for this weather and easy to move around in. I styled my maxi dress with a light coat because Islam requires modest dressing where you cover your body. I used an ombre scarf as hijab ( headwrap), and completed the look with green heels to add that pop of color to the whole look. You can substitute the coat with a kimono or a trench coat for an evening event/night out. Islam way of dressing is really simple to put since it revolves around covering up yourself from head to toe, meaning you can dress in everything long but put in consideration outfits that will flatter your body though not too tight. Happy and enjoyful Ramadan. Xo.


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    • thriftyphat
      July 16, 2017

      Lol, I love humour much, thank you dear.

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