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My photographer is really a fun person, which makes our sessions vibrant and enjoyable! He makes me laugh all through, which I lose concentration, lol, which he will then complain that I’m not delivering *sigh*… When he saw me dressed in this Kimono, he laughed and went like, “you really like the military, and you should join!” I have never laughed that hard in months like I did, given the fact that our previous session we shot the military minded post, which he doesn’t know, it’s a current obsession!

Recently on my thrifting spree, I stumbled upon this camo kimono. I wasn’t really feeling it that much because I’m not really into kimonos but camo is bae and so it ended up in my closet. Let’s just say anything camo, ends up in my closet haha. Kimonos are all the rage these days and they’re everywhere! It’s a very easy piece to wear and styling it is just as easy. You can take just about any outfit and top it off with a kimono without having to worry about whether it will actually look good or not. See how it did transform this black on black look. This color always manages to make us look and feel fierce, and as much as we embrace brighter hues, we can’t quit going dark. So we won’t. Rather, we’ll try to find new ways to rock black and this is how I chose to style mine today. What I like about the kimono is that it’s so effortlessly chic, you don’t really have to do much to it to make it stand out. Of course I had to throw on a head wrap because well, that’s another obsession I have been having lately. And to avoid any pop of color, nude shoes had to serve the whole look.

This was a fun and easy shoot just like my outfit, I had fun. Until next time, see you here. Have a lovely week. XoXo.

Whole Outfit Thrifted.

2 Responses
  • Linda
    October 20, 2017

    Uuuw..I love the kimono
    Looking good


    • thriftyphat
      November 13, 2017

      Thank you dear.

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