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Apologies for being absent here last Monday. Like the routine, I always have new posts on Mondays but last Monday my website had crushed, actually it was down on Good Friday. I don’t know if it was going for the holiday too but alil heads up would have been nice, lol!

Being April and schools are closed (though they are about to open), many people are having events like weddings, baby showers, birthdays among others, to attend during this season, and thanks to the weather, we will not melt in the sun. It’s been a while since I attended any event because my work schedule has literally been crazy this month, and still not sure of next month too, but am hoping to get a break and break the monotony a lil bit. Besides all that, am still here to give you style inspiration to those who attend events here and there.

Lace is such a pretty fabric. I always turn to lace whenever I need to make any outfit look and feel extra fab and feminine. It’s one of the most popularly used fabrics in the creation of romantic ensembles such as wedding and elegant dresses, so it makes it perfect for any glamorous event.

A tulle skirt isn’t exactly what everyone would want to wear every day because it’s more of a special events kind of piece, than an everyday ordinary one. And Tulle skirts have been making their way into mainstream fashion lines recently. “Tulle” is just another term for “tutu”, a costume skirt commonly used for ballerinas. So, it’s not a surprise that the skirt is whimsical, flirty, and downright girly, which is perfect for the wedding environment. Therefore when you marry the two, you end with a feminine chic look that just classy for a wedding and any other classy event.

Yes a girl can never have too much tulle and this darling skirt has just the right amount of ruffle in just the perfect color! Again I love wearing skirts high waist and pairing them with fancy tops to flatter my petite frame. Every inch counts in my case!

Be Inspired.

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