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Women are known for taking ages when getting ready and dressing up to go somewhere and while there’s nothing like knowing that you have the perfect outfit on, there will always be those days when you just won’t feel like getting up and mixing and matching pieces together to come up with a cute look. Thankfully, there are so many looks out there that you can do in five minutes or under and these looks are guaranteed to make you look and feel fab, the Lazy Day Outfits.


Am such a victim when it comes to this, sigh, because most of the time I feel lazy to dress up especially when going somewhere in the afternoon! The earth is usually boiling at that time and can’t imagine leaving my chilled house to go get roasted! And usually I don’t leave my cap and/or sunglasses behind. Most of my lazy day outfits is usually in a tomboy kinda style because am still so much in touch with that other side of me.


Weeks ago I was visiting a sanctuary near my place, Nguuni Nature Sanctuary and I dressed down like this. This was such an effortless look to pull, more like pick-and-go and totally comfy!

It was a wonderful experience seeing animals and enjoying a barbeque later in the evening with friends! ♥

Outfit: Thrift.

Shoes: Thrift.


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