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Happy new month Fam! How have y’all been? I hope the new month started well for you guys. For me, I can’t complain, nothing major happening/happened but I’m grateful for the gift of life and good health. Isn’t that what’s important?

Well, the weekend has been long thanks to Madaraka Day. And on that note, an International fashion chain LC Waikiki opened its Mombasa store on the 1st of this month, making it the brand’s third outlet a year after it entered the Kenyan market. What a way to start the weekend and celebrate a new month with new outfits, right? The branch is at located at City Mall in Nyali, a prime residential area within the coastal city, and they had a 20% discount on their amazing items.

LC Waikiki is a leading fashion retail company and one of the fastest growing retailers in Europe with a turnover of $ 3 billion. They started in Turkey, where we now have around 486 stores, but we have also branched out in 35 other countries. LC Waikiki opened its first store in Africa at the Two Rivers Mall in February last year and the second one in October at the Hub Mall in Karen. Many shoppers came to shop and they were all happy considering the offer and its wide variety of items. The quality of their outfits is topnotch and I loved how trendy they are. Also, they offer clothes for all ages, from babies to grannies, lol! Plus they remember to include modest fashion for the Muslim community here in Mombasa! How awesome is that?

Sarakasi dancers graced the opening ceremony with their amazing dancing skills and a fashion show was done, showcasing the outfits sold at the store for both men and women.

Here are some of the photos from the event. Enjoy! XoXo!



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