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Hey loves! Bet y’all are doing as fantastic as my look today! From camouflage prints to army green bomber jackets to cargo pants, the military trend has taken fashion by full force, and I’m definitely a fan because well, it was my childhood dream to be a soldier and I’m grateful I got to live the dream. Military-inspired fashion pays tribute to heroes who have risked their lives fighting for their country, and today’s outfit inspiration is from a close friend who passed on, January this year. (A min of silence in his respect). He was a soldier, a ranger who gallantly fought hard along our country’s borders and strongly believed that he was destined to die in the line of duty. Much respect to all soldiers for their sacrifices to protect us, we celebrate and honor them.

Well, camouflage isn’t exactly a very girly print. It’s what soldiers in the military wear. Or, at least, that’s what the print is known for. Just because this print has a strong boyish vibe though, doesn’t mean you can’t have it added to your chic and girly wardrobe. The camou print is great for adding a bit of that bad-a$$ spunky vibe to your look. It’s perfect if you want to toughen up your sweet, saccharine fashion style just a little bit. I went for army green rugged pants with the camouflage top and completed the look with sandal heels to bring out the chic side. Threw on a college jacket and a baseball cap for the tomboyish vibe. Simple does it sometimes. I believe I have given the military trend it’s credentials for now, salute to that!. Have a lovely week ahead.

 Top, Jacket, Heels: Thrifted
                      Pants: Boutique.







6 Responses
  • Chris J
    August 28, 2017

    Hi thrifty phat,

    I saw you tweeting about instagram and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like thrifty phat has come a long way!

    Have you thought of building a mailing list? I think people would really like to be signed up to what you have to share.

    Good job on the social buttons, social media is so powerful these days

    You should consider installing an SEO plugin like Yoast or something, theres loads of good free ones.

    Have you thought about using animated gifs to help market your website. If so, I’ve found something that you can use

    Keep making great stuff!

    • thriftyphat
      August 30, 2017

      Thank you so much. Yes the blog has indeed come a long way, and I believe I am going much further. I would love to try GIFs, I’ll think about it. Thank you.

  • Bakhitah
    August 28, 2017

    I love the camo girl.

    • thriftyphat
      August 30, 2017

      Thank you dear.

  • Linda
    September 11, 2017

    I love this look!

    • thriftyphat
      September 14, 2017

      Thank you dear!

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