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Hey fam, how are you guys doing so far? I hope y’all are fine and fabulous. Well, I on the other side, can’t even explain how I am because tired, drained and exhausted is an understatement! I have literally been up and down busy at work last two weeks, then went straight to some seminar last week, and this week I’m committed somewhere else again!! At this point, I can’t with my body anymore. I need me some holiday for real…Anyhow, bills gotta be paid you know, so we just have to keep at it. Well, thanks to my creative office, I don’t have to be too formal all the time so anything close to formal goes. Last week I was in formal outfits for the better part of it because of the seminar, so basically I’m still in the mood for formal wear and here we are!


Wearing a trend and styling it in a creative office kind of style is no hard task. Ruffles are feminine, fashionable and add a glamour quotient to your look. Ruffles seem a bit tricky to wear since it can easily make your looks childlike and quirky however when pulled strategically, they can bring some feminine flair to your boring looks. I decided to go minimalist styling on this one so as to look chic and stylish. Ruffle details on the shoulders balance my simple pants and the pants, in turn, makes the ruffles stand out. I love how these details are feminine that give a twist to my style without looking too fashion forward. This is simply how I pulled off mine.


Ruffles have the ability to make you look fuller so their placement is something to take note of. Always keep ruffles near the areas of your body that you want to enhance and away to the areas that are fuller. So, teaming ruffles with simple pieces will prevent the style from overwhelming your entire figure. Till next time, Be inspired, XoXo.

Whole look Thrifted.

                                                    Bag: Available in my store, Phat Accessories.


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