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Happy new year Fam! I hope the New Year is going in good so far. Personally, I can’t complain, am thankful.

Well, the festivities are over *sigh* and it’s back to work *yawn*…. It is that time of the year where you are not looking forward to anything except weekends which may come with birthdays or dinner invitation and because the holidays are long gone, you sit at your desk wishing the day away. However, the only way to cheer yourself up is by rocking a sexy outfit to make your seat hot enough so you move around, just so colleagues can see how sexy your outfit is (sometimes am guilty of this, lol)! And what best way to achieve that than rocking a flirtatious, trendy and casual top beneath the coat, the off-shoulder.

The off shoulder is a huge trend currently and it’s not at all difficult to see why. The off shoulder neckline is the perfect way to look sexy and sweet at the same time without going overboard on any one look (though you can totally do that, too, if you like). An off shoulder top or even dress allows you to look sexy without looking too racy or provocative.

With the days getting warmer and warmer, the need for lighter and airier pieces of clothing becomes more of a must. Thanks to it’s chic and unique shoulder baring style, fashion and style enthusiasts can look great and feel comfy, too, all at the same time so take advantage.

When going for a trend as fab as the off shoulder trend, it’s best to give it all you’ve got and show it all off. Go for off shoulder pieces with design details that will emphasize the style. It would bring attention to the eyes, thus making people notice your gorgeous top. Lace is a timeless piece and you can never go wrong with it when you want to bring sexiness to a style…

In this outfit I’m wearing it with a bandage pencil skirt. A versatile piece that can easily go with so many different items to create a different silhouette and style. Not all pencil skirts are made equal, so select the perfect style and fit that flatters your shape.

A combination of both will flaunt your physique thus making you look great despite the kilos added over the holidays hahahaha. Shoes can make or break your look, so opt for sophisticated one to dress up your outfit or go for relaxed ones. I opted to go with my snake skin heels to bring out a classic and stunning look.

The good thing with this outfit is that you can transform it to a less formal outfit by ditching the coat. That way you can easily walk into a dinner party, go for drinks with friends without looking like you are straight from work.

This is a trend you ought to try. Rock it with high-waist jeans, shorts, culottes even leggings. It’s all about how you style them. Hope you are inspired, XoXo.

Top: Thrift

Skirt: Thrift

Heels: Thrift

Coat: Thrift

Purse: Thrift



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