The weather in Mombasa can be unpredictable sometimes especially during rainy season that is between March to around mid-May because it usually is rainy season during that time but some days it just won’t pour. You leave the house heavily dressed for the weather, the clouds telling you it’ll pour, only for it to change it’s mind and send the sun! Lol. That’s when you pull this transitional look sense of style and rock your day because the weather has got nothing on you!!

When it comes to dressing up, the pet peeve of most girls and women around the world is that they do not have the perfect body to wear everything. One of the most important quests that we women and girls  have going, is finding fashion exceptions and adjustments that makes sure that the flaws in their figures are not seen. A lot of effort, time and money is spent on finding the right way to make those outfit ideas come alive on your body without any loss of confidence. One such fashion secret that can come in handy is the judicious use of peplum.

Peplum  can be a boon for making the body look curvy at the midriff, which is one of the problem areas that women are always cribbing about.

A peplum top is so fun for sunny season, an easy statement piece that you can pair with basics from black pants to distressed jeans and nice statement accessory pieces, then you flaunt what your mama gave you, lol!


I’ve got the perfect black jeans outfit to transition me from sunny to cold season! I’m not sure if you’d consider your black jeans to be part of your go-to stack of wardrobe staples, but they most certainly should be! They’re such a great alternative when I feel like I’ve been wearing my normal blue jeans WAY too often! Plus, I love figuring out new and different ways to put outfits together with them.

I used to think I had to wear them when I was going for something more edgy or only with dark items, but I’ve loved playing around with adding femininity to them.

In today’s outfit, I balanced the tighter, dark look on bottom with a soft, flowy peplum top. This can be a transitional look from sunny to cold season and vice versa. During cold season, you simply throw on a trench/cape coat and substitute the heels with some boots and you would have conquered the weather!! *wink wink*

This peplum top is beautiful and quite unique though my photographer did not do justice to this look’s photos but I had to work with what I have. Enjoy!

Top: Thrift

Black jeans: Thrift.

Heels: Thrift.

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