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Hello Fam, am super excited about this post today as am serving all-things feminine! From the outfit, legs, looks, body, face..eeveryything! Mehn, it’s giving me life, don’t you just love it! Well, read through..

Looking professional in the office doesn’t mean you have to forego your personal style. Every workplace has its own dress code, but you can still express your personal style while working within those pre established fashion parameters.

In creative offices, wearing prints and colors is usually not so bad, so think of decent prints you can incorporate to your outfits whether it’s a blazer blouse, top, dress or skirt. You must believe your style and the skills it represents are top-notch to pull this off well otherwise you may get funny eyes thrown at you the whole day which is not comfortable at all. Today I decided to go Print and Tribal at the office, with a pop of color.

Pulling off prints is a tricky business both in and out of the office, and tribal prints are the hardest to pull off. While they’re creative and can showcase your personality, they can affect how people view you as a professional. Office style and fashion were two interests that didn’t fit together in a long time. However, as modern women, we are now allowed to look stylish and professional at the same time, thank God. Working in certain industries has a distinct advantage when it comes to just how far you can take the rule-bending. Thankfully, our office isn’t that strict, so I get to play around with different looks but I always keep it professional.

Crop tops are great for summer weekend style, but not for the office. However, cropped blazer is as practical as it is hip. Cropped blazer are a good investment on an outfit as it creates the illusion of slimmer waist so I decided to add my print cropped blazer on the dress, to shift the look to a more of classy and formal. Because this outfit is as bold as it is, and is for the bold ones, lol, I completed it with a pop of color bold heels that balanced the whole look well.

Well, my favorite office bag came in handy here because of it’s size, color and texture which matches the outfit well. A black bag is of course a handbag wardrobe staple and if you’re looking to add a classic black bag to your collection, you should buy this one here.  If scratched, it doesn’t show easily as it’s been well processed. It is a nice sturdy bag, designed to hold a notebook, with roomy inside pockets to hold peripherals as well as other little stuff a lady can carry to the office. The price really fair and affordable for such a piece and their customer service is excellent!!

If you’re planning to attend a party after your office hours, this look will still serve you right.

I am a huge fun of tribal prints, but not the dramatic tribal prints that have so many different colors. I decided to play around with it and I landed here and I thought it doesn’t look so bad for the office right? Remember, an ensemble that looks too loud will hurt your reputation so you would want to be cautious while styling out prints. Xoxo.

Dress: Thrift

Blazer: Thrift

Shoes: Thrift

Handbag: Here



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