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Recently, an old friend of mine was in town and asked if we could meet and play catch up since it’s been a minute! Of course I said yes because I knew that was a way of breaking the monotony of home-job-home routine I had had going on for few weeks now. Most times I just enjoy the comfort, tranquility and peace that my house offers, my small haven, though sometimes I wanna get out, hang out in some other places at-least to change environment and this meet up came in time when I needed it. Well, the difficult part came when I had to choose an outfit, and as usual, it took me hours because I wanted something light, comfy and an easy look. Thankfully I stumbled upon this shirt dress that I bought some time last year but had never worn it and I had to go with it.

A shirt dress is one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your closet. Personally, I consider shirt dresses to be a wardrobe must have all year round just because they’re great on their own but they’re perfect for fun, chic and laid down look.

I had to go with the shirt dress choice because they are very versatile and easy to style, making them really good for days when you don’t have the time or energy to create a complex outfit but still want to look super chic and fab. They’re also great for girls who love mixing work and play with their wardrobe.

If you’re wearing an oversize shirt dress, like this one, you can always wrap a skinny belt around your waist to make it fit or go for a shirt dress with a complementary belt on the shirt dress itself. The minimalist look is great if you want something simple and subtle yet fashion-forward. So be creative and chic styling your shirt dresses for a feminine yet bold statement.

Aside from the fact that it’s super comfortable, it’s also perfect for the very hot weather we’ve been having here lately as we await the rains. XOXO!

Shirt Dress: Thrift

Belt: Thrift

Shoes: Thrift

Purse: Boutique.

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