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Looks like it’s a skirt series this time round, huh? Not really.

Hello Fam, how’s your month of love ending so far? Am I the only one who feels like this month has gone by so fast yet January lasted for like 3yrs? Lol. For me I have nothing to say about it because nothing exciting happened.

Anyhow, this is a rare look of me. I know. This is one look you won’t catch me wearing unless…unless nothing! Doesn’t make sense right? Yeah simply because me and skirts have a parallel relationship and to top it, a skirt suit, sigh. Growing up climbing trees, riding bicycles, running around with boys, my boyish characters can’t let me prosper in a skirt because I will be selling all my wares to the public and who wants to buy? I digress. But as a blogger, my job is to show you how to style your outfits, no? So here we are.

Straight talk: Trouser suits have ruled the formal look so much, that it is almost easy to miss the humble skirt suit. With all the different styles of pant suits emerging every day, skirt suit is still one outfit that will always make a woman look more feminine and attractive. Funny thing about this skirt suit is that the coat and skirt were thrifted separately and in different towns! Isn’t that amazing! Thrifting is life yoh! Look how they perfectly paired up effortlessly! Threw in the botanical printed top because of the contrast it brings on the whole look and botanical prints are trending right now. This top, coat and bag are my current favorite, be sure to see them often here but I can’t say much about the skirt. As a matter of fact, I’ll be giving it away!

Until next post, see you then. Xoxo.

2 Responses
  • Doris
    February 26, 2018

    If I was your size, haki ningetuma pesa ya kutuma parcel. Absolutely stunning !!

    • thriftyphat
      March 4, 2018

      Thank you dear. You can still slay, let your size not hold you back! Find pieces in your size and serve us looks!

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