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Last week, a friend of mine picked me up from work. As I got into his car, he said, “You wear sweatpants to work? Lucky you!” And I was like, “yeah. What’s the big deal?” Our clothes can get us all kinds of attention, both good and bad. My non-strategy strategy of dressing like myself while staying within the bounds of acceptable work wear like short and sweatpants gets me asked a lot of questions by my friends. They don’t understand where I get the nerve and my reluctance to… Read More


Hey hey hey! I’m here after a short hiatus. The breaks have been too much no? I know!! I still don’t understand why I lack the will to write since the year started. Some days are good, like the creative juices just flow and I write a whole more but some days, I can’t even do a sentence! And that is where the hiatus comes from. Anyhow, how are you coping up with this weather? Mombasa is raining heavily like every other place but thankfully it’s not as cold because… Read More


Just done with my night shift and got home at around 12pm yesterday. I could barely move, talk or do anything because I was beat! Night shift is no joke, there are those days when they are easy and there are those days just you start questioning your choices in life. Sigh. I refreshed and laid on the bed waiting for sleep to carry me away. As I dozed off into slumber, my phone rang and I struggled to pick it amidst sleep. It was such a task to be… Read More


Happy New month Fam! East west home is best. Despite everything good everywhere and all around, home is where the heart is. Y’all understand that well, and that brings me to today’s look because I’m home. Lol, not home where I live, but home, my signature look. Happy to have started this month in this look. 😉 I don’t know about you but for me, comfort is everything. From outfit to shoes, and nothing delivers that for me perfectly like my androgynous outfits. Very easy, you just basically throw them… Read More


You can’t say bread, without butter. I mean, how is bread really, without butter? For me it’s either butter or margarine otherwise no bread. I know you are wondering what’s all these about bread even before I say hi to you guys, lol. As a foodie, 99.9% of the time, food is always on my mind. Even in any conversation I have, I must mention food. That’s how much of a foodie I am. Now, replace food with shorts and you’ll get what I’m trying to say. Simply, I can’t… Read More