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Hey Fam, today I’m sharing with you my current favourite accessory in my closet.

Head wraps have gradually started to take over the space in my closet, after caps and hats. I’m a huge fan of caps, but now that is slowly being overtaken by head wraps. I literally can’t leave the house without a cap but now I’m more into head wraps.


Last week, a friend of mine picked me up from work. As I got into his car, he said, “You wear sweatpants to work? Lucky you!” And I was like, “yeah. What’s the big deal?”

Our clothes can get us all kinds of attention, both good and bad. My non-strategy strategy of dressing like myself while staying within the bounds of acceptable work wear like short and sweatpants gets me asked a lot of questions by my friends.


This post was to be up on Sunday evening but hiccups kept happening. It almost didn’t make it today but here we are. A little late but well……

I love that a day was set aside to honor and celebrate the women who raised us. Mother’s day couldn’t have fallen on a better day,


Hey hey hey! I’m here after a short hiatus. The breaks have been too much no? I know!! I still don’t understand why I lack the will to write since the year started. Some days are good, like the creative juices just flow and I write a whole more but some days, I can’t even do a sentence!