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Hey Fam, today I’m sharing with you my current favourite accessory in my closet.

Head wraps have gradually started to take over the space in my closet, after caps and hats. I’m a huge fan of caps, but now that is slowly being overtaken by head wraps. I literally can’t leave the house without a cap but now I’m more into head wraps.


My photographer is really a fun person, which makes our sessions vibrant and enjoyable! He makes me laugh all through, which I lose concentration, lol, which he will then complain that I’m not delivering *sigh*… When he saw me dressed in this Kimono, he laughed and went like, “you really like the military, and you should join!” I have never laughed that hard in months like I did,


Hey loves!

I can’t wait for this month to end already! I have not been feeling it since it started and it’s dragging much, I’m literally over it! Nothing exciting about it. I have been trying to find ways of doing exciting things that’ll leave me happy for days but guys, I’m really struggling!


Ever walked in your closet, picked an outfit and boom! It automatically becomes an award winner ( lol, in your outfit world of course)! That’s what happened to this number.. Usually I have to try pairing different looks together and it costs me more than an hour plus a headache too because that’s when everything paired doesn’t work!!