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Fueled by desire to do something a little different on the blog recently, I have decided to a ‘Taking Stock’ post, which basically involves writing what is going on for you at the moment in response to some prompts. Going through other bloggers blogs, I discovered this template in their blogs, and I thought why not introduce it to mine as well! And what better way to end the year than with a final stock-take of where things are at?

Here we are!

Making: Plans about my 2018 already. I have so much plans for next year that I have to work thrice as hard so that I fulfill my plans but also, no pressure about it since God is the determinant of everything.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment. Been too tired to get to the kitchen because work! *sigh*.

Drinking: copious amounts of tea. Tea is EVERYTHING!

Reading: Nothing at the moment. My mind is too saturated to even comprehend a sentence…..

Wanting: Some quality time with that special person, just chilling, giggling and talking about nothing in particular. Just some good QUALITY time. It’s therapeutic you know.

Playing: With my hair because I don’t even have time to go to the salon. *sigh*

Looking: At my bedroom and wanting to do a make-over but I have been lazy even to move the bed. Lord! It’s too much work and I’m lazy now. Lol

Deciding: If I should do the bedroom first or create a home office first….

Wishing: I was lying somewhere in an exotic beach hotel with a nice view, good food and that special person.

Needing: THERAPY! And a vacation.

Enjoying: Random YouTube videos…

Marveling: At how far I have come and where I am at the moment. Proud of the woman I have become.

Wearing: Deras…all the damn time, lol!

Following: Blind spot sn3

Smelling: My fresh clean skin after a shower…Divine..

Noticing: That I have so much to accomplish in 2018 that I’m almost freaking out. No pressure though but targets.

Knowing: For sure I am where I need to be right now…

Admiring: My life right now….

Buying: Nothing…..

Thinking: Of grilled chicken and some tasty tartar sauce…

Feeling: the New Year already…

Bookmarking: Blogs to read…

Opening: YouTube and watch random videos…

Giggling: At Nene Leakes (RHOA) shades, that she keeps throwing at her friends. That girl is shady asf….

Appreciating: That I finally have friends in my life who know and understand my worth and value, who love me for who I am, who don’t judge me, have high regards of me and that I inspire some of them overally…

Thankful and grateful: That my mom is relaxing and enjoying herself, now that all her children are done with school and that it’s her time to sit back and enjoy as we take care of her like she did with us.

That’s it! How I’m ending my year where my life’s at. Also, this is my last post for this year guys, I will resume next year which is only two weeks away.  I appreciate your support and motivation this year and I hope that will double next year as I have other exciting things for you guys. Thank you so much. See you in the new year. XOXO

PS: This neck-piece doubles as a belt too. See how I styled it with this denim shirt dress, and I wore the same shirt dress as a top, pairing it with this skirt, which is also a midi skirt that I styled here. Amazing huh? That’s the power of wardrobe staples. Outfits that have more than one function and can be worn differently to achieve different looks! Cheers!




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