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Welcome Back!
How timely is my comeback? On time enough to capture the ongoing beautification project in Mombasa county, the famous county 001. 
I have been living in Mombasa for the last 10yrs and I wanna grow old in this town Inshallah. Even if life takes me elsewhere, this is/will still be my home simply because I have literally evolved as a person living in this town. There’s so much to enjoy and learn from this city and all about it is all over google, so do yourself a favor and get to it. Of course after finishing reading this post, lol! 

Apart from our famous county, we have our famous governor, who’s one of the most fashionable politicians in Africa. (That’s a fact, don’t argue). And he doesn’t play when it comes to slaying, check out his IG (joho_001)

He knows well that everyone who comes to Mombasa always document their travel, experience and moments through photos or/and videos and so he made sure our county has the right aesthetics to make your instagram pop! Like how awesome!! Everyone is adopting IG aesthetic feed trend and Mombasa makes it easier for you because work is already done…yours is just to snap and post! And blue adds that pop of color to break the monotony. 
Well, Blue was picked because it represents our heritage, the sea that is around us. The ocean is dear to our hearts. As a people, we encounter it every day in different forms and ways i.e source of food, source of employment for those working onshore/offshore, means of transportation etc. 
We want to be the most photographed city in Africa, and I guess by now we are.
My outfit was not planned to go with the town colors, honestly it was a coincidence. You can’t live in Mombasa and not love the color blue, I mean, how? Apart from it being my favorite color, I love how calming it is, just like the ocean. This particular look was styled by Kelvin of Klenses. He was also my photographer that day and y’all can see how amazing he is at his work. 
When he suggested about working together, I was nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because he’s no joke and means business at all times while I on the other side, I’m never serious except when in the ladies, lol…and excited because I know we would do an amazing work because I had seen his work before and knew what I’m getting into. But he had a condition; “Tomboy looks only!” He said. 
There and then I knew that’s a walk in the park because it’s my comfort zone! “Say no more..” I answered him back. 
And the shoot went well. I really had fun and it was effortless all through. Working with Klenses is an amazing experience because he knows his angles and lighting well, yours is just to pose. He is also keen to details and has a good eye. What’s more amazing is, he can style you as well and his rates are affordable. Y’all should book a session with him and enjoy his services. (Btw, this is not marketing, it’s a genuine review of his services). 
I’m glad we got to do this shoot in Mombasa CBD where we managed to bring out its beauty. Oh, did I mention that he, Klenses is the one who did location scouting for this look? See, another reason why you should work with him and why he’s an amazing soul. All under one roof I tell you!
I hope you enjoy the photos and please forgive my long hiatus it was unexpected and I cannot put it on life…you know the famous phrase “Life happened..”, I would be lying because life didn’t happened and honestly I don’t know what happened but here I am, and I’m glad to be back, and I promise I won’t be leaving anytime soon, well, I hope not, lol!

Whole look Thrifted
Photograpy by Klenses

6 Responses
  • Elle
    August 29, 2018

    Street shoot inspiration..

    This is 🔥🔥🔥. Also Welcome back. I missed you.

    • thriftyphat
      September 9, 2018

      You definitely should do this, especially with the new look.

      Thank you boo, glad to b back too. Feels good to be home.

  • Ryma aka
    August 29, 2018

    You inspire me alot …you know how , when , and where to dress a particular cloth on different occassions …Love your style gal

    • thriftyphat
      September 9, 2018

      Thank you dear, I’m glad to be your inspiration. Cheers!

  • Klenses Images
    August 29, 2018

    Zen goes another marketing series. Hahaha thanks Thrifty Phat.

    • thriftyphat
      September 9, 2018

      Lol this is not marketing, I genuinely love your work and how you are about it.Awesome job bsetie…

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