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Hey Fam, today I’m sharing with you my current favourite accessory in my closet.

Head wraps have gradually started to take over the space in my closet, after caps and hats. I’m a huge fan of caps, but now that is slowly being overtaken by head wraps. I literally can’t leave the house without a cap but now I’m more into head wraps. It’s hard not to gravitate towards these accessories especially now when the sun is out because they help keep our hair protected from the harsh rays and dust too, and generally make you look stylish, plus, they give you a face-lift, lol!

Head wraps are so in right now, just like the frenzy Natural Hair everyone is wearing. I’m not going with trend though, so I don’t know how I caught the bug but, I love! Mine came in handy one day during a bad hair day and that’s how I fell in love with them. Whether to an event, running errands or date, I’ll always don my wrap!

I love head wraps because:

*    They are so versatile i.e. can be tied in so many different ways and come in many differentfabrics.

*    Stylish

*    Timeless

*    Easy to wear on a daily basis

*    Bad hair day saver.

*    Saves times when getting ready.


Actually I need to invest in more head wraps myself. They give me a break from having to do much to my hair whenever I want to step out. Here are my favourite and go-to ways of styling them. Let me know what your favehead wrap styles are, and if you want a tutorial on how to tie some of them.



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