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Mombasa has been cold lately, which is not usually the case since January is always hot and dry. The chilly weather now forces us to bring out our coats and slay in them especially in the mornings and evenings. I’ve been wanting to floss this one here since its one of my favorite coats of the season. I remembered how my eyes were drawn to it as soon as I saw it, while I was on a thrifting spree in my hometown when I was on leave. I have always wanted a grey coat with some great details because they contrast well with most colors and grey screams formal so this was a catch! And the fact that it’s two-in-one summarizes the goodness of this lovely piece! I actually didn’t realize it could be worn on both sides until when I went shopping in my closet and you should have seen the look on my face! This is a winner, especially for me who doesn’t like to repeat clothes because I can play around with it to achieve different looks, *wink*.

The black pocket flips on the outer side really make this coat stand out and the fact that the inner side is a stripped affair, gurl, it is a jackpot. Amazing how it can be styled as a boyfriend coat too, which is a trend. I wore it with this amazing body con dress so that the coat can stand out and it did! I’ll certainly be wearing this coat a lot because it’s so versatile and the other side is even cooler!

So, guys, you gotta love thrifting and go thrift. See this? Issa winner! See you on the next post. Cheers. Xo.


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