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Ola Fam! I hope you guys have been as great as I have been. Even with the hiatuses, I still remember you guys that’s why I pop in here after a while even when I’m caught up with life but this is home, where I’ll always come back to, because there’s nothing as good as being home! I missed you guys, I hope you missed me too, did you?

Last month, a fellow fashion blogger, who is a tomboy too came up to me with an idea that we challenge ourselves and pull a dapper look within a budget of $10/1000/- Ksh. I hurriedly said yes because I knew that’s no biggie! Dapper look? I had worn such a look before here on the blog (Dapper Femme) and I told myself, “I got this”! But boy, I was wrong! I didn’t know it was such a hard task. I looked for inspiration everywhere but I couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me, nothing close to what I envisioned, that blew me off. We had a month to come up with the look and as the days went by, I became more clueless on what look to wear for the challenge. And even few days before the reveal, I thought of calling She’s a Tomboy, to ask her we extend by few more days because I wasn’t ready!!

So, a day to the challenge, on Saturday, the reveal being on Monday, my photographer confirmed that we will do the shoot that day at 7pm! Funny enough, I still didn’t know what to wear. I left it at that and went to chill with my best friend Zoe, but still trying to think about the look. I had shopped a few outfits but none of them was perfect for the challenge.  At 4pm, I called my photographer to reschedule the shoot but he refused, so I was left with no option. I left Zoe and went home to prepare for the shoot with nothing in mind. Before I jumped into the shower, that was at around 5pm, I scrambled some look and I settled for it though I really wasn’t feeling it because it lacked one item which I didn’t have but well, I had no choice! I refreshed and while I was getting dressed, I decided to try another look that I had in mind but I wasn’t really sure about it. The final look wasn’t bad and I was ok with it. Left the house not sure about it. Deep down I had already accepted the defeat but I had to go through the challenge regardless!

I passed by some place to pick up my photographer because he had a shoot there and the compliments I got!! Even some ladies intentionally came to say hi, because boy, I was a dapper man! Lol! I didn’t know this look was winning until then! Whoop! The shoot happened past 10pm and at this point I just wanted to get done with it and get some rest. The day of the challenge came and the reception was the same! Fans loved it! Most people didn’t believe it was all under $10/1000 Ksh, but it was! Everything was, except the hat, which I used as an accessory. And yes, I won the challenge!

So, thank you to y’all that voted for me. The love I received on this challenge was immense, if I could hug you all, I would. But from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. I appreciate the Love and support you guys give me, keeps me motivated. From this challenge, I’ve been reminded to always believe in myself. Sometimes I forget that but this was a good reminder. And like a friend commented on this challenge, ‘Never despise humble beginnings.’ I’m hoping that this is a start for many great challenges to come and I’m looking forward to them because they help me grow, gauge myself and most importantly push me out of my comfort zone. There’ll be another challenge hopefully next month and I’ll keep you guys posted. Follow me on my social media pages @thriftyphat for updates and voting, scroll down for the links. Thank you so much. Love and Light. Xoxo. 

Whole Look Thrifted.

Her look  She’s a

2 Responses
  • Tomboy
    June 25, 2018

    Just dope.

    • thriftyphat
      August 28, 2018

      Thank you dear

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