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Just done with my night shift and got home at around 12pm yesterday. I could barely move, talk or do anything because I was beat! Night shift is no joke, there are those days when they are easy and there are those days just you start questioning your choices in life. Sigh.

I refreshed and laid on the bed waiting for sleep to carry me away. As I dozed off into slumber, my phone rang and I struggled to pick it amidst sleep. It was such a task to be honest because at this point I was barely functioning to attend to anything, let alone anyone. It was my friend on the other end who wanted us to do lunch. I almost cried! I tried to explain to her how tired and sleepy I was but she could here none of that. I had no choice but to abide. Picking an outfit and doing make is usually a struggle to me because it involves much but apparently this day everything was smooth, amidst a sleepy head and tired body, lol. Later on we were on our way!

As we drove in to the resort I couldn’t help marvel at the scenic beautiful nature that screams everywhere in the resort. Vipingo Ridge is a five star private residential golfing destination on the beautiful Mombasa North Coast. It is on the North Coast of Mombasa and lies in the center of a 2,500 acre former sisal estate. It’s one of the most tranquil locations on the Kenyan Coast and is now home to a five-star private residential golfing destination, Vipingo Ridge. This exclusive 2,500 acre residential Resort is centered around an outstanding Clubhouse and two 18-hole championship golf courses. It’s quite a drive to the clubhouse as you enjoy the beautiful view of the residential villas, the golf courses and nature itself. The Clubhouse and the first of the two 18 hole golf courses is already completed and open for residents and guests to enjoy as you overlook the golf course. That view is satisfying as you feast on their delicious meal. Their food is affordable and the portions are enough for one.

Apart from golfing and enjoying the views, there are activities one can do such as mountain biking on the numerous trails throughout the estate, you can go bird watching and even horse riding! How cool is that! The estate also boasts abundant other treasures including a beach club, private airstrip, numerous lakes, woodland areas and nature trails; bringing together harmoniously a range of elements of luxury living within a secure, walled and gated community.

So much to offer at the resort that I was not able to capture in my limited time there but I’ll be back with more, maybe even a video! I left the place so refreshed, energized and motivated to work hard because my dream is to own a villa there one day, which goes for Ksh 25M!! Imagine!! Here me Lord! I’m really glad that my friend brought up the idea of lunch and I suggested Vipingo Ridge because I have always wanted to visit. It was such a great choice and a perfect afternoon!

Until next post, enjoy the photos. Xoxo.

Whole look thrifted.

Entrance to the clubhouse

One of the two golf courses at the clubhouse

The second golf course

The eating area at the clubhouse

I can’t even express how delicious that food was

Boneless grilled chicken with sauteed potatoes

Prawns with fries

The energy after eating lol


6 Responses
  • Samirah Jonathan
    April 25, 2018

    You look fabulous. That food is mouth watering it just looks scrumptious. Vipingo you have just entered into my list of visit. for now lemme just save. Keeponbloggingiloveit

    • thriftyphat
      May 8, 2018

      This place is amaze balls! You can’t get enough of it I tell you! Please visit when you come this sides!

      Thank you darling for your support and encouragement always!! Lots of love!

  • Sue
    April 25, 2018

    Love the place 😍 maybe I’ll visit next time I’m in North coast. Love the outfit also 😉

    • thriftyphat
      May 8, 2018

      Thank you!

      Please do. You will love it!!

  • Sue
    April 25, 2018

    Do they allow none golfers and none residents to the club house, horse riding etc.

    • thriftyphat
      May 8, 2018

      Hey Sue, everyone is allowed at the clubhouse. It’s open and free.

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