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Monday mornings *sigh*… There are two things about it that can make starting off the work week challenging. The first would be making sure that you get up on time so that you can get to work…on time. The other is rummaging through your closet to see what you can put on, that is fashionable and comfortable too. Ideally, I find it time saving if you plan and select the outfit that you’ll wear the next day, tonight. That way it’ll be easier for you to dress up faster even if you are an addict of snoozing your alarm like I am (so guilty lol). And on lazy days, or days that will be involving in the office, like lots of movement, I choose an outfit that I will be able to move in freely and comfortable, therefore my go-to pants are usually, the wide leg pants.


In the sea of usual skinny jeans and trousers, you can stand out in wide leg pants. These 70’s reminiscent bottoms are fashionably versatile, as you can match it with any top in your closet. Okay, fashion can be a fickle thing sometimes because it is constantly changing but I will say this though, and mean it forever: a well tailored, well proportioned, well made pair of pants will look great on you forever…promise! Wide leg pants are great and can definitely be worn by all body shapes and with so much ease, you just have to put some work into finding the right pair for you.


Wide leg trousers are a thing of the 70’s, so that may be the reason why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (gulp), though they can also do some fashion tricks that might just leave you ashamed for flipping the bird on them, in the first place. They elongate legs, make a tiny waist, correct body types and proportions… But the plot thickens and if you think this look is so easy think again sister! Wide leg trousers may be just that: trousers with wideER legs, but how wide? What fabric? Type of waist?

straight leg pants

The thing about wide leg pants is that they are as far opposite in silhouette from our beloved skinnies as possible — so you need to make sure you keep that in mind. Typically when wearing skinny pants of all kinds, you tend to wear slouchier, over-sized pieces on top to make sure that you don’t look like…uh.. weird! So when shopping for wide leg pants, you have to make sure to flip that mindset upside down. Since your wide leg pants will be more over-sized and slouchy, make sure that the top part of your body is wearing more fitted, form fitting tops.


In both cases you can wear heels, wedges or even flat shoes if height is not an issue for you. The fitted/structured look of the top should be in perfect balance with the wide elongated bottom, so it’s all about your figure architecture, and visuals. For crispy mornings, don a blazer or cropped jacket on top (sorry, look missing) it’ll look super chic. For a more polished look, wide leg trousers look amazing with a chiffon blouse or shirt. It’s a very posh-office-style. Classic pumps and a statement necklace look best with this style.

All in all, wide leg trousers is a look that keeps coming and going from the spotlight, but if you love it, rock it!



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6 Responses
  • Sheey
    December 5, 2016

    In my next shopping cart… Great read.

    • Thriftyphat
      December 5, 2016

      Better try them, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you.

      • Teiya
        December 10, 2016

        Yay so glad that you have started the blog! Loving that nightmares turn into a great opptnturioy for some creative story writing for both mother and daughter, turning black into pink xxx

    December 6, 2016

    you look so good, i am so scared of this pants but you are looking amazing 🙂

    • Thriftyphat
      December 6, 2016

      Thank you so much! you can just try them for a day and see how you’ll look,if you find the right pair, they’ll be BAE,lol!

  • Candid
    December 10, 2016

    Αναφέρω κάτι για δραχμή ή για λŽŽÂ·ÃŽÂ¹ÃÂŒÃûουστα νησιά και μπάμιες. Μάλλον για το σχόλιό σου ισχύει : από την πόλη έρχομαι και στην κορφή κανέλλα.

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